O Ian Somerhalder Lovers presta aqui uma singela homenagem ao ator que inspirou tantas pessoas ao redor do planeta com seu talento e com seus esforços para fazer deste mundo um lugar melhor, e que há 34 anos ilumina o caminho de muitas pessoas por onde passa e nos ensina que educação, simpatia e boa vontade são coisas simples, mas o suficiente para abrir portas para grandes estradas. Nós, equipe e fãs, desejamos tudo o que há de mais puro e belo nessa data, e que todo esse sucesso e todas essas energias boas se prolonguem por anos e anos.

Happy B-day, Ian!
Equipe Ian Lovers.


Ian, you’re like na Angel Who came to me in a difficult moment of my life. When I first saw you in Lost, it was like love at first sight. And then, when I read about you acting in the Vampire Diaries, I was incredibly happy!
Today, I wish you all the greatest things in this world ‘cause you deserve it all. I’m stuck by your blue eyes and I just can’t stand not knowing news about you.  It doesn’t matter that you’re 17 years older than me, all I can say is that I am in love with you! Happy birthday! God bless you! It’s really rare to see actors that cares about the animals, about the environment and about the world, so please don’t you ever change! Wish you the best, from the bottom of my heart! Thanks for existing!
Carolline Silveira Rodrigues

Today is your b-day, but we are the ones who get the gifs! That’s one of the meanings for your name: Ian – Gift from God. And you truly are a gift for you family and for all of us, fans, that love you as an actor and as a person.
Happy Birthday!
Cintia Sousab

Happy Birthday! I wish you to get everything you want from life! I don’t know what to say – just want you to be happy! Love you!
Cheila Brambilla

Hi, I’m Ingrid. Today is an important day to me. I’m a big fan of yours, and my dream is to hold you someday. I do not know what to say because if I say you’re a wonderful guy and how much you mean to me, I’d probably end up writing a huge text, so… Happy Birthday! I love you so much ,baby!
Ingrid Maria.

Hello there, my name is Aylla.
Ian, I wish I could show you all the feelings I have for you, but I can’t. What I feel for you is just something unexplainable, cause it all comes from the bottom of my heart, and all that I can say is that I love you! It doesn’t matter where you are, I don’t care whether you know who I am. What it does matter is what I feel  for you. And yes, it is real. I LOVE YOU! Xx
Aylla Souza

A few years ago, I fell in love not only with your talent but also with the way you love life. I hope that you continue to be this wonderful man you are, Ian! Believe me, anyone who has the chance to meet you is very lucky. Thank you for everything that you are. Happy birthday. Brazil LOVES YOU!”
Letícia Gibson (@batmanera).

Ian, I wish you a happy birthday with a bite on your neck. From a Brazilian Fan.
Andréa Hashimoto

Ian Somerhalder, you’re my inspiration. I love you. Happy Birthday!
Helloany Lemos

Happy Birthday, Ian! You’re na amazing person! God bless you more and more each day! I watch TVD because of you, and I’m totally in love with your act job. Wish you the Best!
Sandra Chaves

Hi Ian , I just want to say that I really love you ! When I first “met” you, I knew as soon as possible that I would never leave you , ‘cause you changed my life! You’re the hottest and cuttest guy ever. Really! I don’t have any words to describe you , you’re too awesome to describe ! I have photos of you on my phone , posters of you all over my bedroom , and I live for you .
Your role in The Vampire Diaries series is absolutely amazing! I instantly fell in love with Damon , that “bad guy” thing is absolutely great ! But well, we are not here to talk about Damon but to speak about my love for Ian !
Well, I have a huge crush on you, I would love to have you here in Portugal ! Please visit us, Portugal loves you!
with lots of love,
 Rita Pereira

Hi Ian! My name is Angelica. Perhaps you do not have time to read or to see my email, but I wanted to go on record here that I’m a big fan of yours and not only for your beauty – which thank God not defines you – but the person you are by your project with the ISF , which I am passionate about. I have a project I’m currently trying to save a lake here near my house. I have to be brief ‘cause you are a very busy person and I know that. I think it’s very clear that my dream is to meet you, but if I get you to read this brief e-mail, it will means a victory to me, and of course I would not forget to tell you:
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Ian
Happy Birthday to You
Angélica Silva

Hey Ian, I just want to say that you are very important to me. You have no idea, but I love you. And I hope that you have the best day and year of your life. Happy birthday!
Camila Thais da Silva Paiva

I would say I’m a big fan of yours. I just love your job as Damon, (and I’m rooting for him to stay with Elena, I really want to see you on the big screen as Christian Grey.
And as a fan that I am, I could not miss the opportunity to say what I think every time I see some interviews, your story or scene…. I love you!
I hope you’ve enjoyed everything I’ve written, because it was from the heart, I want to meet you in person some day, and once again, happy birthday
Ianka Salvatore

Wow I don’t believe I’m here , but  I need to say:  OMG Ian, you’re so hot and cute at the same time and I’m in love with u . U and everyone of TVD Team made my life have something more , and I’m thankful for this . Today , I wish all the happiness and all the best for u , believe me,you’ll still have many victories ! Keep it up ! Brazil admires u . WE LOVE U SO MUCH IAN JOSEPH SOMERHALDER . PS.: Let the nina go and marry me .
Cecília Dias

Ian, I love you so much! You’re my favorite actor ever, and I admire you so! I love all the characters you play, but Damon is my favorite one. I wish you a happy birthday today. I wish I could meet you someday, and deep inside me, I know I will. Love you!

Hey Ian! Happy Birthday! First of all, I wanted to say that I really appreciate your job , as much as the other things you do. I wish you the best, and I hope that all you dreams come true, and please never stop being this incredible person you are. Your Brazilian fans love you so much, and thank you for being who you are!
Evelyn Mutti – @evelynmutti

 Ian, I hope you’re having the greatest birthday. Wish you all the best in this life. I hope you don’t stop being this great guy and great actor! Happy Birthday. Much Love!
Emille Fabrine

Do you have a dream? ‘Cause you’re my dream.
I know you don’t even know Who I AM, but I’m pretty sure that somehow you feel my love. Because I do love you, love your smile, love the different ways that you smile, love your eyes, love your right eyebrow when it’s raised. But love your beauty is too easy. So, first of all, I love your heart, ‘cause it is bigger than anything. I dream about you every single day, I picture in my mind what could happen when we meet, and YES, thank you for existing, thank you for being here. You’ve never said a word to me, but when I do have bad days, all I look for is your face. You can calm me down and you don’t even know it.  I always find my peace and my hope when I look into your eyes, and when YOU are having a bad day, I’ll be here with all the love in my heart.
I wish you nothing  but the best for you today: the best future, the best fans, the best days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY ANGEL!  Hope your dreams come true!
I love you, forever and always!
AnaJúlia – @Ana_JuliaC

Despite you don’t like celebrating the springs, judging you’re in the autumn of life, here it goes all my affection in this occasion as special as the hottest days of summer. Cheers. Happy birthday! I’m praying that God’s blessings protect your way.
Happy Birthday. I adore you… And I don’t need to tell you more.Happy Birthday. And I send you this courtesy to be able to share with you each day a few moments of my thought.
Luiza Torturelli Gomes – @_delenagirl

Ian, from the moment I saw you for the first time on my TV, I was enchanted. And when I decided to learn more things about you, I fell in love with you! You are incredible, and I have no words to describe you. You’re just perfect! The way you see the life, the way you care about the nature and about the creatures that live in this planet…is just fascinating! And in this special day, I wish you nothing more than happiness. Don’t stop being this great inspiration for all those people, including me. Love you so much!
Giovana Moraes do Santos – @gm_s2

Do you know when you look at someone and Just feel something? Something more than the usual.  Something beautiful inside and out.
Ian Somerhalder is the perfect combination of a pretty face and a pure heart.
Love at first sight may exists, but at second sight is only complete when the person who awakens it is someone incredible inside and out.
Tarcy almeida – @Tarcyalmeida

First of all,happy birthday to you, my “husband”! I wish you an amazing day…Keep being this generous person that you are. There are no words to describe you!You’re such a great person.You inspire me.And I want you to know that I’m here to support you,like so many people. Every day I cry because of you,I know that I’ll never meet you…I just want to be an actress,to be famous and then meet you,but I live in Brazil and it’s hard to go to USA and be famous): yeah,it’s just a dream,I already know… No matter where you are ,how are your feelings,I’ll always be your fan,that person that loves you just the way you are. You have so many things to teach your fans,so don’t give up on anything. LOVE YOU IAN,WITH ALL MY HEART <3
Eduarda Oliveira – @duuda__oliveira

It’s extremely difficult say what you mean in my life, you are not just another actor. You are an inspiration for not just me, but for all of your fans. You are a model from what people must to be. People should do what you do and find a time to take care of the world.Thank you for doing what you do, and the way you do. Want you to have in mind how much special and lovely you are. And for your birthday? Positive energies, peace of mind, balance, success and hapiness. Happy Birthday
Fernanda Caquetti – @fecaquetti and @phrasestvd

2012 wasn’t one of the Best years for me, but because of you, everything got better.
There’s no way to explain how happy I was when I met you. You are one of the sweetest person I’ve ever met!
You’re an amazing human being and a exceptional actor that inspires me more each day – someone who become more and more important in my life and in my history.
Well, today my goal is to wish you all the happiness in this world, saying that I wish you all the best. You can count on me for everything.
Hope you enjoy your day with the people you love and doing what you love to do.
Happy Birthday to you and Happy Birthday to ISF. I’m from Brazil, but I feel so close to you all the time, supporting the foundation all the time. I’m really proud of you! I’ll see you next year!
Danielle Freire – @_Daniland

You make us happy when life makes us sad. WE LOVE YOU!
Alesssandra @leeeh_bueno

Ian Joseph Somerhalder, happy birthday! I don’t know what to say, but before I “met you”, I didin’t believe in this thing called “fan love”. I always thought this was something stupid, you know, loving someone who doesn’t know you even exists. It was something weird. When I started watching The Vampire Diaries, I just fell in love. It turns out that this “fan love” is real, and I don’t ever care what some people say, like, “He doesn’t even know you, c’mon!”. I’d do anything just to have you in my arms, and I’m sure this day will come, and I’ll finally be able to say, “Now he knows who I am”. I want you to be so happy! Happy birthday! I’ll be here, rooting for you. Thank you for getting all these smiles from me. Love you forever!
Renata Molina – @renaatamolina

Ian, you are an amazing person. I love you very much, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Luciana Mends – @luhmendss

Ian, you are the most wonderful person that exist in this world. You are handsome, a great actor, a great person, a cat lover and this beautiful work you do for the environment and animals is incredible. I’m a fan of yours as a person and as an actor. Love you.
Lara Magalhães – @laramagalh

34 years is not an easy thing, right? Getting a “happy birthday” from someone you don’t even know…it sounds like crazy. I mean, I can’t imagine how you may feel, ‘cause you have thousand of fans sending you some lovely messages from each part of the world. I think you’re tired of reading these things… so I’d like to start by saying that everything is not enough, ‘cause you deserve the best. I wish you a world of great things, an universe of wonderful things in your life. I wish that these two beautiful blue eyes keep being the portal for your soul, enchanting everything that passes by.
It’s kinda crazy, but I can tell you for sure, you’re the reason of my first smile in the mornings and the last, just before I go to sleep. I always pray for you to have an amazing day.
My love, from Brazil, is always by your side. And I’m so proud for have been chosen the one to love you, and this almost makes me cry. I’m really happy for having an idol like you, for support what you do with ISF.
Like I Said, I don’t just admire you as na actor, ‘cause I’m not just a parto f Team Damon…I’m a part of Team Ian Somerhalder, the Best person that has ever crossed my way. God, I don’t know what to say anymore. I just love you so much…And I will never ever give up on you.
Happy birthday, my activist! I admire you very much! I’m always with you! I Love you more than anything in my life, more than everything! It’s the purest thing I’ve ever felt in my life. Thank you for being here!
Ana Clara Rodrigues Ribeiro – @heysmolder

On December 8, 1978, an angel was born, Ian Joseph Somerhalder was born, this is one of the angels who illuminates my life, brightens my day and makes me a better person. A man who taught me how important our planet is, a man whose smile changes my day, a man with eyes that just give me reason to live, Ian, I want you to know that you are one of the most important things in my life, you are one of the reasons why I smile. Ian Somerhalder, I really want you to see this text, and I want you to  see how much I love you, and how important you are to me. Ian, I love you, you’re my angel, my baby forever, no matter how old you are, you will always be my little angel, thank you for every smile you gave me, for every tear of joy, for every moment of happiness, thank you for making me smile when I wanted to cry, thank you for being such a wonderful person, and even if you do not know, you changed my life, you made me have a reason to be happy, and I thank every single day to Edna and Robert for having a child so wonderful, that besides being a great actor, is an incredible human being. Happy birthday my love, that God enlighten your path and that you many, many years of life, of joy and smiles. Thanks for everything, and Happy Birthday my angel forever.
Agatha Bravo – @TwihardVamp_NRI

What about my Ian Salvatore? OMG .. Amanzing ! Let’s go!
Somerhalder, happy birthday! Every morning, I ask Lord to give you a brighter day! I LOVE YOU ! The Brazilian fans love you.
Luana Souza

Today is your day, so first of all I’d like to wish you a happy birthday, and I hope all your dreams come true, ‘cause you deserve it so bad!
I feel so much for you, I admire your attitudes, the way that you want to make everything better for everyone… I love you so much, so much! I can even cry when I see you through my TV or my computer, ‘cause I’m afraid of never getting the chance to meet you face to face – but I do have hope that someday I’ll meet you and hug you and never let you go. Haha. This day will be the most special day for me, and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. I love you, Ian Joseph Somerhalder.
Julia Wormhoudt Cardozo  – @Julia_Cardozo

Hey, Ian! I first saw you acting on Lost, and I admire you so much on The Vampire Diaries.  I fell in love with you from the second I got to know more about your personal life. You do a great job!
Happy birthday, and I hope you enjoy our gifts for you!
From you best fan,
Dany Janke

Hi Ian! Happy birthday!Brazil loves you. I wish that all this success keeps following you, with all the happiness in the world! YOU’RE AMAZING!
With love,
Vanessa – @nessareboucas